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Micheal Wayne Ridenour

September 30, 2023
Scotts, MI




Micheal Wayne Ridenour of Scotts, MI., known by most if not all as "Hippie" age of 71., passed away on Saturday September 30th at 11:45 p.m. of complications from COPD. Micheal "Hippie" was born to Victor Ridenour and Fannie May Ridenour "Wood" of Vicksburg, MI. He was 1 of 15 children.

Hippie was a hunter, fisherman, football and pro wrestling fan. He fell in love with a woman in the late 70's with her 3 sons " Kurt Breseman, Peter Breseman and Scott Stokes " that he raised as his own. On June 23, 1983, he married her. Then on Feb 4th of 1988 he had a son of his own Skip. Hippie was a man of few words. After 40 years of marriage and a fight with copd his wife Dorthy Joan Ridenour "Stokes" left/abandon him less then 6 months before he passed because "she wanted to have fun, was not going to be a nurse maid and nobody could make her". At that time his son Kurt stepped in to do what a son should never have to do for a father and whose wife was still around. With the help from Sara Spiegelberg, his niece Sandy Moneta and his best friends Myron and Mindy Legally.

Hippie leaves behind his sons along with their significant other "Skip Ridenour and Amber Stevens, Kurt Breseman, Pete and Kristin Breseman ". His 11 grandkids and 8 great grandkids " Storm Graham and husband Bryant Graham their 2 children Brooklyn and Weston, Summer and her 2 children Mark jr. and Aubree, Gunner Breseman, Maddox, Jade Breseman and her son DeAndre, Madox Lex Breseman his 3 children Legend, Luka and Le'mello, Cali Ridenour, Tori Breseman, Arris Breseman, Katielee Breseman and her child Rebel, Hayden Hardy,

Hippie leaves behind his brothers, Victor Jr., Jim and wife Sue, Terry and wife Tammy.

Hippie leaves behind his sisters Barb Ridenour, Shirley Siscoe, Dorthy Lee, Nancy and husband Bill Brown, Diane and husband Jim Fess, Jackie and husband Kim Wilcox,

Hippie was preceded in death by his father Victor Ridenour, mother Frannie May Ridenour, sister Henrietta " Red", sister Virginia, brother Skip, and sister Rhonda

Hippie was one of those people you either loved, or you didn't; either way he didn't let it rule his life. He lived his life the way he saw fit by his rules. He did not show a lot of affection, but you would get a glimpse of how he felt once in a while when he would let his guard down for just a split moment of time. He will be missed by so many that he had touched over the years. Even those who he taught a skill to over the years, so they could go on to make a life of their own with that skill. He believed that you needed to learn to work smarter in life and not harder.