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Life Story Funeral Homes®
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Kenneth Gilmore

November 12, 2021
Kalamazoo, MI




Kenneth Gordon Gilmore was born August 28, 1951, to Kenneth Jay Gilmore and Marjorie Ann Gilmore. He was a lifelong Michigan resident, a 1969 Parchment High School graduate, and before Parchment he attended East Cooper K-6 and Gull Lake 7-10.

He leaves behind his father Kenneth, sister LyndaMarie Gilmore, a sister-in-law, two children (Kenneth and Karen), five stepchildren (Daniel, David, Jarrod, Jason, Amanda) Arianna (deceased), twenty-seven grandchildren, two great grandchildren, countless relatives, friends, and his wife Sharon of 40 years.

Gordon loved the UP and ‘his’ bridge, the mighty Mac. When traveling north at the first glimpse of the bridge he would always point and say “There’s my bridge.” He spent as much time across that bridge as he could and even lived in Paradise, Michigan for a short time.

Gordon enjoyed any activity he could do outside: camping, fishing, motorcycling, long walks, even mowing grass and shoveling snow. If it was outside, he liked it.

He enjoyed showing old tractors at various antique tractor shows, but especially at the Flywheelers in South Haven where he made close friendships which have lasted to the present time.

His children and grandchildren remember him for his sense of humor, storytelling about the UP, singing, and his ability to play the harmonica. One question many asked was how did he make cornbread and other delicious meals over a campfire. He was an amazing cook. He was very patient and would teach them tree identification and tracking. He taught some of them how to drive a car, even a stick shift.

Gordon was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s early in 2012, but knew something wasn’t ‘right’ in late 2011. He chose to take the natural path and refused all typical Alzheimer drugs. He remained physically healthy and relatively pain-free and happy to the end. He never lost his sense of humor or his kindness. When first diagnosed he told his wife that he wasn’t going to hide the fact that he had Alzheimer’s. He said he had survived five heart attacks over a ten-year period and that God wasn’t through with him yet. He felt even with Alzheimer’s that God had a plan and use for him. During his ten years with the disease, he touched many lives and brought joy to many hearts.

He passed away peacefully at home on November 11, 2021, at 10:26 PM, with his wife by his side. Hospice came out several hours later, so his ‘official’ date of death was recorded by them as November 12, 2021.

There will be a Celebration of Life planned in the spring as he requested. All who knew him are encouraged to come and share the many ways they remember him and the wonderful stories he has left behind.