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Gary Pyzik

September 22, 2021
Dallas, TX



Sunday, November 14, 2021
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
Jerry's Pub
650 Egan Highway
Brooklyn, MI

Life Story / Obituary


Gary Pyzik was a family man through and through. He always put them first, yet a very close second was his love of motorcycles and his dog, Mr. Bentley. He lived his life giving his time and resources selflessly to anyone in need. Although he will be deeply missed, his loving nature will be fondly remembered for many years to come.

The 1950s were known as the decade of the baby boomer. On May 6, 1953, Henry and Helen Pyzik welcomed home their son, Gary, in Guam, where his father was stationed at Andersen Air Force Base as an officer of the United States Air Force. Gary’s birth brought much joy and happiness to his older brother, Roger, and his parents during a promising time in our nation’s history.

During the early years of Gary’s life, he moved frequently as a result of his father’s military service. While his father was on active duty in the Korean War, Gary, along with his mother and brother, moved to Dearborn to live with his maternal grandparents, William and Letta Glore. During this time, Gary became critically ill with Nephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys. Soon the good news of the arrival of his younger sister, Pamela Sue, earned him the birth order of the middle child in the family. The next big move for the family was to Delaware. Older brother, Roger, started riding the bus to school and little brother, Gary, loved to chase behind it on his bicycle! Despite their many moves, they always returned to their sanctuary; their family cottage on Evans Lake in Irish Hills, Michigan. From Delaware they were transferred to Kinross AFB in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. During these years, they traveled by ferry back to the mainland as the Mackinac Bridge had not been built yet.

With the increasing need for Hank’s military skills, the family continued to relocate. Biloxi, Mississippi was the perfect setting for Gary and Pam to start their educational journey at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School. Drawn to the Mississippi lifestyle, they spent many hours on the beaches, their boat, and the officers club on Ship Island. From there, Henry was assigned to Sandia Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a vast difference from the environment of the Gulf. Gary and his sister, Pam, continued their education at Zuni Elementary School. During these developing years, Gary fell in love with nature and boyhood wonder. Clever and always willing to test out his ideas, he learned how to catch ground squirrels by hauling water and pouring it down the entrance to their den in order to flush them out! Much to his mother’s chagrin, he also enjoyed raising pigeons! There was never a dull moment when he was around!

Although they enjoyed their time on the mesa, just three years later, they packed up and journeyed to Clark's Air Force Base in the Philippines. This time, Helen, Gary, and Pam all joined Henry on base as Roger had already married and moved to Detroit. They made many special memories in the Philippines and enjoyed the expansive views and trying new cuisine. Hank's final year on assignment was at the prestigious Langley AFB in Virginia. His career had shaped the lives of his family with rich memories, areas explored, and endearing connections with each community. After his retirement in 1968, the family moved back to the family cottage in Michigan until their home on Red Mill Pond was ready. During this time, Gary and Pam were both able to complete their school years and graduate from Clinton High School.

Sadly, his mother, Helen, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Gary’s tender side was reflected in the attention he gave to his mother during her illness which later prepared him for his sister Pam's passing as well. Although he had moved to Texas in 1982, he returned to Michigan for a short time to support Pam’s husband and her children after she was gone.

There wasn’t anything that Gary wouldn’t do for his family. He was especially close with his own children; Trisha, Scott, and George. Each and every phone call always ended with kind words of encouragement, and telling his children how much they were loved. His years in Dallas were filled with special moments with his boys and grandson, Cody. He shared with them his love of motorcycles and never took any time together for granted. Pine Lake was his special spot each and every summer to share with his family over the years. He especially cherished bringing Scott and George back to Michigan to create countless memories spent on the water boating, water skiing, and fishing.

Gary was thrilled when he was blessed with grandchildren. It was no surprise that he even had custom helmets made for his grandson, Cody, and his great-granddaughter, Gemma! For the last several years he traveled to Florida to visit his daughter, Trisha, and his grandchildren, Chelsea and her wife, Jess, and their daughter, Gemma. Once, Gary even took his motorcycle to Florida to ride side by side with his grandson, Taylor, who had just purchased his first Harley! He spent hours helping them with their many home renovation projects and looked forward to combing the shoreline with Mr. Bentley taking in the ocean breeze.

Each and every moment he shared with his family was enjoyed with a fair amount of fun mixed with his wonderful playful nature. He wanted nothing more than to share in their every success and looked forward to their special times together. Gary will forever be remembered for his commitment to his family through his many special gifts of love and acts of sacrifice to provide for them over the years. May they never doubt his love for them and may his memories live on in their hearts forevermore.

Gary Scott Pyzik, age 68, passed away on September 22, 2021. He retired from the Container Store after fifteen years. He is preceded in death by his parents, Henry and Helen Pyzik; his sister, Pamela Ayres; and his step-mother, Nancy Pyzik. He is survived by his three children; Trisha Pyzik, Scott Pyzik, and George Pyzik (Mary); a brother, Roger Pyzik (Carolin); two step-brothers, Tim Merritt (Diane) and Terry Merritt (Laura); two step-sisters, Roxanne DeWeerd (Jim) and Kim Wright (Steve); three grandchildren, Chelsea (Jess), Taylor, and Cody; and one great-grandchild, Gemma. Gary is also survived by his ex-wife, Elizabeth Barrett, whom he remained close friends with, and her other two children; Sarah Barrett and Hannah Gee, who he loved as his own, as well as his special companion, his dog, Mr. Bentley.