One Story Ends, a New One Begins

Effective March 1st, 2018, Life Story Funeral Homes – RDMG became McCowen & Secord Life Story Funeral Homes.

As a new chapter begins, Jon Durham and Herb Ayres of RDMG sincerely and earnestly say “thank you” to the families of Plainwell, Portage, and Vicksburg for the privilege of serving them at one of the most difficult times in their lives. Jon and Herb deeply appreciate and cherish the friendships that have been built over their years of service; friendships that have connected families, communities, churches, and businesses. Jon and Herb and the entire RDMG Funeral Home staff took pride every day in providing a place where people felt safe shedding tears, honoring life, and sharing stories. The writing and sharing of life stories was especially important to Jon and Herb—for passing legacies along from one person to another and from one generation to another, just as they are doing by passing along the funeral homes to Steve McCowen and Tim Secord. As Jon and Herb say farewell to their days of service as funeral directors they say farewell also to every family they have served over the years, wishing them the joy and comfort that comes from memories held close to the heart.

PLEASE NOTE: All Life Stories & Obituaries completed prior to March 1, 2018 are archived here:

Life Story Funeral Homes - RDMG Obituaries & Life Stories

Just like you and your family, a business has a life story too—and eventually, one generation gives way to another. Steve and Tim, both funeral directors at RMDG, are a natural fit for carrying the firm forward. They know the families of Plainwell, Portage, and Vicksburg well and will care for them with the same high standards of service and professionalism people deserve and have come to expect.

Jon and Herb are pleased Steve and Tim purchased the funeral homes. Steve and Tim have been onboard with Jon and Herb for several years and are committed to caring for families with outstanding service as they move forward. Life ends, yes, but love and memories do not. Steve and Tim know this and are experts at helping families share the story of their loved one—by writing the story and sharing it in print, video, and online. It has been said that what any of us does for ourselves alone dies with us, but what we do for others and the world around us lives on forever. And thus begins Life Story Funeral Home – RDMG’s next chapter, as McCowen & Secord Life Story Funeral Home.