David Grant

Jan 26th 1993 - Dec 21st 2011

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Always up to something, David Grant was so full of energy and spunk one couldn't help but love him. A friend to many, he opened his heart and offered a listening ear whenever someone needed a strong shoulder to lean on. He shared the best of times with those around him and made numerous memories to be long remembered. In the heart of his family, David was the force that kept everyone smiling as he added much to those he loved. Gone but never to be forgotten, he will be missed and treasured in the hearts of all who came to know him in the all too brief time he was able to share.

David's story began at a time when post Gulf War tensions in the middle east continued to escalate and when the introduction of the World Wide Web took computer users by storm. The launch of Beanie Babies created a collector's craze, and Mariah Carey came into her own with several chartbusting hits. No matter the news of the day, nothing could have made Michelle Robinson and Terry Grant of Haslett, Michigan happier than the January 26, 1993 birth of their baby boy, David Andrew, born in Lansing, Michigan.

Invincible from the start, David was an energetic child whose strong will was quite evident early on. As a young boy, his attitude was reflected when he exclaimed, "I am not David, I am Superman!". That about summed up David's confidence even as a youngster. Just shy of four years old, his parents moved to the small, close knit community of Ovid where David spent days of adventure with childhood friends. He attended the local schools and quickly became a joy in many of his teacher's classes throughout the years. Quite charming, he was goodnatured and fun-loving rolled into one. He was known to get his class cracking up along with a few teachers a time or two, as well. David possessed a curious nature about all things and enjoyed learning about things of interest to him.

Naturally competitive, David began competing as a bowler early on and loved to play soccer until he was old enough to play football. Although small in stature on the sports field, he made up for it with energy and commitment. In his sophomore year of high school he began playing tennis and joined the varsity bowling team, both of which he lettered in. When it came to his studies, David had to really work at it but he persevered and proudly graduated with the Ovid-Elsie Class of 2011 which he considered a huge accomplishment. He put most of his energies into sports and making the days of others brighter with his many pranks, joking ways and endless smile.

David was a guy who thrived living on the edge. His younger sister knew how to rile him up, but after a while he learned to roll with the punches. He had many, many friends and little did he know just how much he affected the lives of others. With a heart of gold, he'd do anything for anyone without ever expecting anything in return.

Throughout his life, David loved spending his free time fishing for just about anything that would bite, especially with his grandma, his MaMo, by his side when doing so. David and his stepfather shared a passion for hunting. In fact, they practically made opening day of firearms season a religious event! It certainly paid off for David, because on more than one occasion he bagged some great ones. He absolutely loved venison and anything made with it. He recently began working side-by-side with his step dad as an apprentice tree trimmer. He excelled in the family business, Bill Robinson Tree Service, and could be bribed on the worksite with Skittles. Candy, especially Skittles, was one of the ways to David's heart, yet he never quite acquired a taste for chocolate.

Even though David was strong willed and independent, at heart he was still a momma’s boy. He shared a close bond with his mother and even though they would constantly pick on each other, it was always done with love. His family learned a long time ago he often took correction easier if it was delivered in the way he best expressed himself, through joking. He knew the difference, and typical of David, his quick wit always had the best of comebacks and the last word.

David kept in contact with his father who lived in California. He particularly loved his dad's barbeque chicken and always wanted to know what he was cooking. When at home, he and his beloved black lab, Baxter were nearly inseparable. He referred to Baxter as his "fat black dog" but loved him all the same. Although he acquired a brother and sister when his mom remarried, David never considered them "step" siblings because it never made a difference to him. He lived fully, completely, and to the beat of his own in many areas of his life. They will miss his unending smile and laugh, along with loving hugs he often gave his mother. She too will miss him always causing a ruckus and his step dad will forever remember hearing his clunking boots coming up the steps before work each morning.

There are many ways to describe David Grant. His family and friends meant everything to him, and he enjoyed spending time with them all. It brought him great satisfaction to bring a smile to someone's day with his lighthearted nature. David, a beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew and friend, will be greatly missed by many whose lives he touched. Gone too soon, he will never to be forgotten.

David Andrew Grant, at the age of 18, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, December 21, 2011. He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Michelle and Bill Robinson of Ovid; his father, Terry Grant of California; brother, Kevin Grant of Owosso; sister, Alicia Grant of Ovid; stepbrother, Billy Robinson of Ovid; stepsisters: Malleri Robinson of Arizona and Jessica Grant of California; his grandmothers: Cecelia Highstreet of Haslett and Donna Ortega of California; step-grandmothers: Cheryl Highstreet of Haslett and Remi Werner of Owosso; great-grandmother, Lucille Nafrady of Florida; many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. David was preceded in death by his grandfathers, Andy Highstreet of Haslett and Kurt Grant of Lansing.

Funeral services for David will take place on Thursday, December 29, 2011, 11:00 AM at the Houghton Chapel of the Osgood Funeral Homes with burial to follow. David’s family will receive friends from 6-8 PM Tuesday and 2-4 and 6-8 PM Wednesday at the Houghton Chapel in Ovid. Please visit David’s personal web page at www.lifestorynet.com to share a favorite memory and photo of David for his family to treasure. Memorial contributions may be directed to the family.

David Grant