Ken Larsen

Oct 2nd 2010 - Nov 10th 2010

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For Ken Larsen, nothing in life was more important than family. A caring, generous man with gift for making those around him feel loved, Ken had great passion for his daughter, and for life itself. With an infectious smile, a heart that showed no judgment and a knack for making others laugh, Ken brought great joy to those around him throughout his life. He will be greatly missed.

Kenny's story begins in the year 1981, right at the dawn of a decade that would be known for the rise of the computer and video games, pop music and hard rock. One fall day, on October 2, 1981, Kenny took his first glimpses of the world around him. In St. Johns, Michigan, Jim and Mary Jane Larsen, along with their four children, were busy preparing their home for the arrival of three adopted children. With the arrival of their new children, including precious 8 month Kenny, the Larsens knew that their family was finally complete.

Full of life and enthusiasm, Kenny was a busy child, and from day one was in constant motion. As the youngest of seven children in the Larsen family, Kenny was never at a lack for playmates. Well cared for by his mother and his honorary older sister, Loretta Fedewa, who often helped Mary Jane take care of her children, Kenny nevertheless seemed to always be jumping around or climbing things he was not supposed to. Full of mischief, with an impish grin and high energy, one of his favorite playthings was the roof of E. Essex Elementary School. He also held a fondness for climbing on top of the monkey bars at Eureka School, that is until he fell and broke his collarbone.

Kenny was always small in stature, so small that on his first day of kindergarten, he had to climb up the bus steps because they were too tall for him to step up on without using his hands. Though he was small, Kenny always considered himself bulletproof. He and his brother Ron, who was also small in stature, often entertained their family members with their "midget" wrestling. Kenny also had a generous streak, although his efforts were sometimes mislead. When he was small, he once stole $5 out of Loretta's purse so that he could buy her a "carrot" gold watch for her birthday. After Kenny won a stuffed bear at his dentist's office, he proudly carried it around for years. And when his dad was recovering from an accident, he generously loaned him his bear for comfort.

Kenny attended St. Johns Schools, and later completed his GED. He worked at Mahle for most of his life. A very mechanical person, Kenny was working on getting his Journeyman Electrician's Certification. Kenny loved to repair cars and drive cars, though, unfortunately, most of them left a lot to be desired, and in later years he developed a passion for motorcycles as well. Kenny was a talented soccer player, and played AYSO for many years. He also enjoyed watching Michigan Football, and was a loyal fan. Kenny also held a talent for playing pool, and was considered somewhat of a pool shark.

Kenny loved to live his life on the edge, but family always came at a top priority for him. When he found out that he had a daughter, Kenny found that his entire life was suddenly centered around her. He decided to change his life for the sake of his daughter, and was determined to be a better man for her. After her birth, Kenny quit smoking, began to play soccer again, and, in the past couple of months, began attending Trinity Church in Lansing. He was looking forward to a family gathering that was to take place at the church just a few days after his death.

Kenny was a determined man who always tried hard at everything. He was also an opinionated, never at a loss for words, and was always ready with a smart comment. He never liked to be wrong about anything, and always had interesting facts to share with his family, though they weren't sure whether to believe him all of the time. With a desire to make others laugh, Kenny also loved to rag on his friends. But Kenny was a loyal, generous man who was always there for anyone who needed him. Kenny died on November 10, 2010

Kenny lived with vivacity and enthusiasm. A caring, generous man, Kenny was talented at showing love to others, and for making each person he knew feel loved and appreciated. With a heart that showed no judgment, Kenny loved without condition or reserve. A beloved brother, son, and father, Kenny will be deeply missed.

He is survived by his beloved daughter, Alexa Motz, parents Jim and Kathleen Larsen, sisters, Elizabeth (Bill) Brantley, Nikki Crowell, Loretta (Neil) Fedewa, brothers, Jim (Elaine) Larsen, Matt Larsen, Michael Larsen, Ron (Christina) Larsen and Jake Monestersky, grandmother, Hazel “Marietta” Larsen, many loved aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, Sharon Stokes, and also, honorary grandmother, Sharla “G.G.” Stokes. Ken was preceded in death by his mother, Mary Jane, grandparents, Stewart and Mary Anne Salters and grandfather, Eugene Larsen.

A Memorial Service will be held for Ken at 11:00 a.m., on Thursday, November 18, 2010, at the Osgood Funeral Home, with Pastor Kathy Leydorf officiating. The family will receive friends at the Funeral Home, 2-4 and 6-8 p.m., on Wednesday. Contributions may be made to the Alexa Motz Trust Fund. To learn more about Ken and view his Life Story film, visit his personal webpage at

Ken Larsen