Kyle Baker

December 23, 1994 - August 17, 2017
Mattawan, MI



Friday, August 25, 2017
3:00 PM EDT
Life Story Funeral Homes - Betzler
Kalamazoo Location
6080 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
(269) 375-2900

A reception will take place immediately following the service.

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Life Story / Obituary


With an enormously warm and kind heart and one who was always willing to lend a helping hand, Kyle Baker's place in our lives will be missed dearly. During his 22 years in this lifetime, he was loved by so many. His ability to keep life's ups and downs in perspective was always admirable while he maintained a warm sense of humor through it all. It is hard to say goodbye to such a young life.

Kyle began his life in 1994 which was a time that made its mark in the history books of the future. Technology was making great strides introducing the ability to browse the World Wide Web with Netscape Navigator and communication became more efficient with email. The entire country tuned in on their televisions to watch the unbelievable white Bronco drive down the highway with O.J. Simpson inside followed by a motorcade of police officials. This was also the year in which many baseball fans were disappointed due to the Major League Baseball Players Association's 232-day strike which ultimately canceled the entire season. Thankfully, it was still a great year for several award-winning movies such as "Forrest Gump" and "The Lion King." As the end of 1994 quickly approached, and just a couple of days before the magic of Christmas morning, William and Ruth (Tucker) Baker anxiously awaited the birth of their second precious son. In New London, Connecticut, Kyle became the best Christmas present the family could have ever imagined. Ian, now a big brother, had a built-in playmate starting December 23, 1994. The family of four found contentment and sweet hope before the dawning of a new year.

Kyle's debut was regarded highly especially since he hardly cried and proved to be a sound sleeper. He came to earn the nickname "Mr. P." Kyle watched and idolized Ian, who was only a year and a half older and learned to be curious and adventurous a little beyond his own abilities. With two boys in the house, Kyle's mother had to be alert at all times never knowing what the two might curiously find or do together. Once, when Kyle was just 2 years old, he found himself miraculously on top of the refrigerator! Kyle spent the first part of his life growing up in a close knit neighborhood located in Gale Ferry, Connecticut where the whole family created many fond memories.

In 2003, the family packed their bags and started a new life adventure when they moved to the village of Mattawan in the great state of Michigan. Kyle was a 3rd grader at the time of the move and began school as a young Wildcat in the Mattawan Consolidated Schools. He spent many summers playing little league baseball and cheering on his favorite teams, the Boston Red Sox, and the Detroit Tigers.

As he matured and entered the halls of Mattawan High School, he surrounded himself with a close group of friends, yet he earned the endearing nickname of Mr. Social because he was always making everyone laugh and he was well-liked. He excelled in the classroom, taking accelerated courses, and participated in the Tech Crew for the production of school plays and musicals. He was a welcomed member of this group, for he was good at fixing things with a handy knack. He was the type of student who could even get his teachers laughing, as his laughter had no bounds and all types of subjects and people were easy targets of his kind humor. When he was not participating in school events, one of his other interests was skiing. Kyle and his father enjoyed one memorable trip to Utah when he was 16, where they shared many ski lifts up the mountain only to experience the thrill of a quick trip down to the base. He liked the outdoors, and skiing was a good way for Kyle to appreciate the beauty of nature. He was not as fond of being amongst the bugs or roughing it in a camp type situation.

Kyle earned his high school diploma with the graduating class of 2013 and in the fall of that same year, Kyle enrolled as a Spartan at Michigan State University where he studied Supply Chain Management. He spent the summer of 2016 interning at The Ford Motor Company. Kyle aspired to work for an auto company or other large manufacturing company where he could begin making some decent money in his adult life.

To find some serenity, Kyle traveled north to the Upper Peninsula. He fell in love with the long stretches of forest lined roads, Lake Superior, and his favorite spot which was Pictured Rocks. When he wanted to stick closer to home, he could find relaxation hanging out with his friends and playing video games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. When they needed a snack break, he had a soft spot for junk food like pizza, soda, and anything that might taunt his taste buds with fire - he loved anything spicy. He and his friends would push the limit of the spiciest foods their stomachs could handle with the alluring dare of hot consumption. The ultimate zone of relaxation for Kyle was when he happened to tune in when some of his favorite television shows were available like "South Park," "Parks and Recreation," "Cops," "Pawn Stars," "American Pickers," and "Survivor." All of these shows appealed to his sense of humor and his spirit of adventure in life.

Kyle's love for his family was constant. It was not unlike him to come home from Lansing to help his mother with household chores, and he was always in contact with his brother and his mom via phone or texting. He was generous with his giving nature, and friends and family knew he was dependable. He lived his life with a carefree ease not bothering to worry about the smaller annoyances. When life called for precision, Kyle could also muster the suitable solution.

When a life as precious as Kyle's is taken so suddenly, the sadness is even harder to endure. With immense sadness, we are forced to say goodbye. Kyle passed away on August 17, 2017. We can share the memories we created with Kyle as we seek comfort in the sadness of our loss. His place in our hearts will never be forgotten. A memorial service to celebrate Kyle's life will be held on Friday, August 25th at 3 pm at the Betzler Life Story Funeral Home, 6080 Stadium Drive; Kalamazoo (269) 375-2900, and the family will receive friends with a reception immediately following the service in the Life Story Center.

Members of his family include his father Bill (Julie) Baker of Tucson AZ, his Mother Ruth Baker of Mattawan, his brother Ian Baker of Ann Arbor, and his half- sister Kelsie Baker. Other members of his family include his grandmothers and his aunts.

Memorial donations may be made to Narcotics Anonymous.