Stacy Allen

April 14, 1959 - August 4, 2016
Indianapolis, IN


Life Story / Obituary


“Never let anybody- make you someone you’re not.”

There are many things that anyone who knew our mother could say about her, but the most important is that she was exactly who she was with no shame. She was creative, quirky, wild, free and sometimes even a little inappropriate. But she was our mom- a free spirit with a vintage heart. She always said her spirit animal was a black bird. Now she’s able to fly in that free, unapologetic, Stacy kind of way. She is survived by her mother Lorraine Allen, brother Bryan Allen, sister Ava Allen, daughter Ivy Campbell and sons Hayden (Alexandra) Campbell and Jack Campbell. A Tribute/Fundraiser will be held in her honor Wednesday, August 10, 2016 from 5 PM - 11 PM at Longacre Bar and Grill.

“You have to build the boat, then it sails.”