Rebecca Weighmink

Jan 20th 1972 - Feb 28th 2014

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Demajo Clemens
March 19th 2014

I can't even believe that you are gone.. You will be missed we had some times together that i wouldnt trade in a million years my heart is broken for your children beck.. this earth is short a great person inside and out with one of the biggest hearts that i have ever came across miss you much love MAJO

Ashley Torres (Daughter)
March 13th 2014


Its still tough mom. My hearts still broken, it still hurts. Its sunk in now. We didnt always get along, we had our moments but god knows i love you more than life mom. This fucked my head up more than anyone can ever imagine. God i fuckin miss you mom. I wasnt ready for this, I still needed you. This morning when i was getting ready for work I felt you hover me as I was crying over your picture and your remains. I cried even harder.! I lay here and alls i can think about is our moments. You lived through me when you were here, from your looks to mine, to part of your attitude and personality to mine and still do. Alls everyone is telling me is how much i look like you and i love hearing it but it breaks me even more. You were the best mom for me!! We had soooooo many good times together that i will NEVER forget!!! I hold you true to my heart mom, I kno you can see my burden. Its not gonna get any easier mom and i need you too reasure me at my toughest moments. I never pictured my life without you and i dont kno how im supposed to go on. I didnt wanna go back to work but my mind wont stop. I still cant breathe, sometimes I jus gotta be alone. One day we'll be together again and when we do, Ill finally breathe again.!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER.!!!

Angie Gonzales
March 9th 2014

I can't express how I feel. It has been years since I seen you. A happy go lucky, beautiful person inside and out. Wow looking at your daughters, it seems like you have never left. I thought we had enough time to reminisce those crazy days. One day we will laugh together again. Love you, angie

Erika Vazquez
March 7th 2014

well it has been a week and it still doesnt seem believeable even though i went and said goodbye.... as i look at your picture this the memory i want to have of you smileing and full of life!!!! I always knew that we are never here forever but i never thought i would say goodbye to you (not this way) honestly Becky i really am struggleing to see this and know you will never see these words but I know that your heart knew that you were and are a very important part of my life... we shared many many sorrows and we shared wonderful memeories with our grandkids when we both first became grandmothers!!! rest in paradise my friend no more hurt no more pain!!!!! always remembered never forgotten!!!!

Migie Cruz
March 6th 2014

I'm looking at your picture and still can't believe you're gone. My heart is heavy as I think of the good times we shared. We had such a great time when I went to Florida. I remember you picking me up from the airport and us laughing all the way until we got to the house. Then we were up almost all night gossiping about anything and everything. I'm so sorry this happen to you and you were taken away from your family who loved you very much. I know you are making everyone laugh up in heaven. May you rest in peace Becky :'(

Mandy Gibson
March 6th 2014

Still hard to believe your gone i guess its true what they say the good die young even though i'll never understand why.. I just miss you and all the encouring words you had for me. I just regret we never had the chance to hangout like we planned.. I'll always keep your memory alive i miss you

March 5th 2014

Me and you had alot of good times.I was blessed to have you in my life.I have memories to last a lifetime.Im gonna miss you so much.I love you Aunt Becky.Rest in Paradise always,your niece,angie

david wayne charles
March 5th 2014

every day you were a part of my family becky,,,,ill always love you girl...see ya in heaven,,forever your brother in law,,,dave charles A.K.A,,BIGKID

Tammy DiOrio
March 5th 2014

To Becky's family,

I'm sorry I couldn't be there with my husband, AJ, today but know that I'm thinking of you during this difficult time. My thoughts & prayers go out to you.

Stay strong & take comfort in the fact that she is at peace.

Ashley Torres (Daughter)
March 5th 2014

Mom if I could have one last time with you i would hold you for forever and tell you how much i love you because this pain is unbearable mom. I sware ive never seen a more beautiful face in my life like my mothers. i miss you so much mom and nothing will ever stop that. I dont care what you did in life, good or bad, You were the best mom and you were my mom. I feel like i cant breathe, i miss you more than life mom. Ill forever hold you to my heart and until we meet again, I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!

Jean and Bill Glover
March 5th 2014

Cathy, Jeff and Family -

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you say goodbye to your dear daughter. The pain will subside with time but her memories will stay with you forever. May God console your heavy hearts and give you peace and comfort.

Our deepest sympathies.

Jean and Bill

Tammy Escamilla
March 4th 2014

I can't get you out of my mind. I was thinking about the time we thought it would be a good idea to cook some froz. pork steaks at 3 A.M cuz we were buzzed, and the plastic clogged the sink and overflowed the water all the way across the kitchen floor down the basement stairs. We thought that was just so damn funny (our landlord didn't). We had so many good times my friend. I don't know why I hadn't seen you in years but I will miss you and your smile always. R.I.P Becky

Becky Garcia
March 4th 2014


It's been a long time since we've spoken but I can still hear your crazy butt yelling "DUDE!!!" when you got excited about something. My prayers for your family. Rest easy my friend

Becky G.

shawn duncan
March 4th 2014


I'm so sorry, I wish I could just talk one more time with you. I should have been a better friend but know your always in my heart and I know your now one of our many angels up there in heaven and this gives me comfort to know you are no longer have to indure the pains of this thing we call life. I pray for you and your family, that with this, others will learn from it and grow out of this pain, and they will live great lives on your behalf. What greater gift we can give someone who passes is to live the life they always wanted. So many childhood memories, man was so fun but crazy times for us all. I will miss your smiling face but I know one day all of us oldies will meet up again and never have to feel this pain again that we did on earth. Love ya my friend until we meet again..

Rebecca Weighmink