Sue Ann Stafford-Spicer

May 1st 1958 - Feb 5th 2012

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November 8th 2012

There are times that I am alone or afraid & then I think of you. I think of all that you have been through... and my hurts don't even compare. I feel you at my side, I know you are in my heart. I talk to you with my mind. You are still the second mother I had even tho you are my sister. You have always been so much more to me. My sister, my second mother, my best friend, my confidant., even my father figure at times because you held our family could I lose so much in one day? All I know is that you were always there for me...ALWAYS! There are times that I still need you... I will never deny that. I just wish I could hear your voice reply & to feel you hug me once more......You have been the best to me & I will try to do the best for you

April 6th 2012

It's been two months since and it isn't any easier..... I still miss and will always miss you... I still cry and I promised you I would try NOT to cry....

I love you dear sister.

Taylor, Tyler, and I miss you.


March 5th 2012

We shared so many of the "favorite things"....

Your favorite color- Black. Mine- Black.

We collected Oriental pieces and Geisha dolls. We would spend hours looking, searching, and shopping to get these. We traveled near and far to get them. As close as our own home pc to flying in a jet plane out to Cali.... and always had a blast.

Our favorite actress- Julia Roberts.

Our favorite singer- Reba McEntire.

Our favorite flower- a Pink Rose and Japanese cherry blossom.

Our favorite car- The Ford Mustang. I had a 78, u a 74.

We looked alike, dressed alike, and acted alike. I was even called "Little Susie" by many growing up. Still mistaken for you at times as I always have been throughout my life. You were my sister.... but you were so much more. And I love you eternally for every reason. We shared so many thoughts, and memmories.... too many to even list! I'm sure I can come up with atleast 100! Even when we went shopping.... we'd be across the store from each other and yell..."Hey look at this" and be holding up the same item!!!! How can I not miss my special, dear sister??

You were born on May 1st 1958.... on a Thursday.

I was born on March 7th 1968.... on a Thursday.

You had 2 sons.... Jimmy Dwayne and Joseph Daniel.

I had 2 daughters.... Taylor Marie and Tyler McKenzie.

Your first born was born on a Wednesday. 12-13-1972.

My first born was born on a Wednesday. 1-10-1996.

Your second was born on a Sunday. 7-9-1978.

My second was born on a Sunday. 8-2-1998.

You helped raise me. I helped raise and babysat your kids. Then you helped raise and babysat my kids. So many things are sooo coincidental between us. And everyday I discover a new reason to love and miss you more. Everyday I hear you whisper to me all the little things we used to share.... and those are memmories I want to share with your kids and my kids. You have given so much to me in my lifetime. I love you for all the self-less things you have done for everyone and for touching so many hearts and loving us unconditionally. You are truely my Hero and I have always looked up to you for guidance. I will miss you forever Sue.... and I just wanted to say I really did lose a big piece of me and my heart will never be as full again. Sometimes, I even think you stepped up to the plate and took on this battle so I wouldn't have to. You with the discovery of a lump in your armpit lymphnodes and me with two lumps in each breast both finding them in the same month. I was the lucky one being benign. You were the brave one who fought. Somehow it all still doesn't seem fair......We had a bucket list to complete and now you are gone. Watch over and continue to guide and whisper little things to me so I will never forget all those "things" we shared. Fly high in the beauty of Heaven and continue to be the Angel that you were here on earth. We still need you....

Pat Dorey
February 11th 2012

Words can not take the pain you feel right now so here is a BIG hug to your whole family . And just know that God does not make mistakes, So he now has another sweet ANGEL with him.

Thoughts and Prayers are with you all


Taylor Marie
February 8th 2012

aunt sue. you were like a second mother to me. you always had a smile on your face and never doubted anything. you were so possitive and everyone loved that about you, especially me. i remember going to your house in schoolcraft and always having cook outs! oh how ty and i love uncle jims cookin! i also remember babysitting spencer with you and brit and going garage saleing with you over the summers. probably some of the best memories ive ever had with you. i will never forget the reba CDs we would listen to on our way to school, or the amazing perfume you always wore. your are forever in my thoughts.. i love you with all my heart and nothing will change that. i cant wait to see your beautiful face soon again. Love your neice Taylor Marie.

Tyler McKenzie
February 8th 2012

Aunt Suzie, I miss you so much, but you will be the lucky on eto be with grandpa first. (: you are going to be the angel watching over me and guiding me through everything. i love you forever and ever, nothing on earth could change that. Thanks for always being there for me and being a strong independent woman you were, allowing me to follow your footprints!!

Bailee Raven
February 8th 2012

Aunt Suzie....I Have No Idea Where To Start This....First Of All You Were The Most Kind, Sweet Person I Have Ever Known...You Made A Difference in Everyones Life That You Came Into..You Have Helped Mold And Shape Me Into The Person I Have Become Today, You Did Things For Me When My Own Mother Couldnt...You Were Like A Second Mother To Me And For That I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know....You Are A Inspiration To Women All Over The World...You Would Light Up A Room Everytime You Walked Into It!!!! My Mom Did Always Tell Me Though That I Get The "SUE SCOWL" From You :) When We Meet Again We Are Going To Do A Whole Lot Of Gambling And Garage Saling!!!! I Love You Aunt Suzie Q You Meant The WORLD To Me, Love Your Niece Bailee

Sandie Carter
February 8th 2012

Sue and I met through work in Battle Creek and were transfered together to the Oshtemo plant. We shared some good times I must say. But one day we met in the restroom and I asked how she was doing and that was the day she told me that they had found cancer. We hugged and shared some tears and then she went on to fight the battle of her life. She may not have won in the end but she had many victories, time being the most important, time to spend with her family. I will miss her very, very much. Her humor, her strength, her courage and that laugh of hers. God bless her a thousand times over. I will miss you my friend.

Sharon Conklin
February 8th 2012

I will miss my friend Sue. Sassy Sue. That name brought a smile to her face. I didnt come up with it but it seemed to fit. A nurse at Cancer Treatment Center of Chicago called her that. She called her Sassy because of her initials, SASS. I called her that because she was my friend. Always smiling, willing to help and give. Sometimes I didnt know why, but it was not for me to question how she felt. I just wanted her to feel good. She taught me alot in these last few months. I wish there would have been more.

When it comes to be my time, please bring me down my wings, and hold me all the way to heaven. Love you girlfriend, Sharon

February 8th 2012

"How am I suppose to say goodbye"

I try to think og how

and all I do is cry.

I cry happy

I cry sad.

I cry to hard until I can't.

You're my sister

you're my friend.

You're my role model

there was suppose to be no end.

The things we shared~

and how we cared.

No other can replace you,

for God only made a few like you.

I love you dear SISTER...

so I can't be mad

for now you are in Heaven

.... with Dad!

I love all my sisters... Georgia, Sue, Kathy, and Sonja

so therefore I will not say goodbye.

I will say I love you until we all meet again.


Georgia Stafford
February 7th 2012

I shall always remember you sissy. I am so blessed to have so many many memories from your life. I will cherish each one and always hold them close to my heart. I couldn't have asked for a better sister. I'm so glad you were mine. Until we meet again hold on tight to Daddy's hand. I love you!! Georgia

Mickey Elmore
February 7th 2012

Sue was my supervisor when I hired into the Postal Service in 1986. She gave me great performance reviews at my 30, 60 and 89 day evaluations which caused Postal management a lot of regret in later years when I became a steward and officer in the union. Sue was not a typical supervisor. She never failed to show her appreciation to her employees and made the workplace enjoyable in her section.

Outside of work, Sue was always a good friend. Her infectious laugh and fun-loving nature made her a joy to be around. Most of us didn't socialize with supervisors outside of work but Sue was always the exception, so much so that it was difficult to recall she was on the other side of the "fence."

We shared some good times (if sometimes unlucky) at the casino. I often think of the time twenty years ago when she told me to "Play the hand!" when drawing in video poker. That was Sue...playing the hand she was dealt. I am not alone in my deep admiration and respect for Sue and the courage she always showed despite hardship and illness.

Sue, you touched many lives during your lifetime and I will always remember your kindness and genuine affection for your "worker bees". You were well respected not because you demanded it, but because you deserved it! Thank-you for being a good friend. I'll miss you greatly.

Barb ara Reed
February 7th 2012

I first met Sue at the Battle Cree Post Office, I was a city carrier and she was a clerk. I transfered to the clerk craft and Sue is the one who took me under her wing to show me how things were done. We were a team for the next four years. I don't think many people really knew how kind and good she was. She was my best friend there. Sadly we had to part ways due to changes in our jobs and we stayed in touch for a while but life has a way of letting people drift apart. Recently I contacted her on her facebook site, but I did not know she was sick. I am so glad to hear she found God and that she and Jimmy got married. Some may think she was tough skinned but I always saw her as kind, giving and a true friend. Sue I cry for you today, but I know we will be tossing mail around together again. May God keep you safe and I want to say to your family, I am so sorry for your lost. Keep it real Sue. Love ya.

Sue Stafford-Spicer