Jon Bass

Feb 5th 1959 - Jan 15th 2012

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Bob Forreider
March 13th 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Jon at Boride during the 90's Jon was just a terrific guy, friendly, talkative and he had incredible knowledge of our products. He would do everything possible to take care of issues and left no stone unturned in his quest for customer satisfaction. I remember when he left Boride and I was saddened with his departure. The company was never the same. I have not maintained contact over the years, but I will always consider Jon a friend.

You are a true Blessing pal

Dot James
February 9th 2012

Dear Louise and family,

Just heard of your dear Jon's Home-call via Paul Vollrath, and my heart goes out to you and the family in loving prayer.

Denise has your warrior painting I bought from you for her birthday her first year in PNG in "pride of place" in her home in England, and it's a special reminder of good times together there. It's been a joy to read Jon's Life Story and many notes on the "memories" page. In His great love, Dot

Chet & Marge Frantz
February 7th 2012

Dear Louise and Family,

As we followed Jon's progression into heaven, our hearts went out to you and yours. What a loss for you and for Jon's own family, as heaven gains a faithful servant.

May He fill you with comfort and joy as you remember what a wonderful son Jon was to you.

The Frantz'

Beth Knol
January 30th 2012

I only met Jon once and that was in Ann Arbor when he was in the hospital. I had the privilege of driving his mom to visit him. From Louise' conversation enroute, I learned the details of his illness and the incredible pain and discomfort that he was enduring. I dreaded walking Louise to his room. What a surprise awaited me! In spite of his pain and discomfort, Jon was upbeat, extremely talkative and interesting. I could have spent hours talking with him who five minutes before was a complete stranger! (I also noted that he had a picture of his dog on the window ledge!) I can easily understand why people loved and appreciated Jon. I am glad that like his mother he has great and deep seated faith.

Russ Lucas
January 26th 2012


All Though I Never Met you In Person The 1000 Conversations We Had On The Phone I Feel Like i Have Known You For Years You Were Always Polite And Helped Me Alot I Realy Enjoyed Your Big Mouth Bass Stories" You Will Be Missed By All Who Knew You Thanks Your friend Russ @ Weaver Enterprises

Mary Ann Clark
January 24th 2012

Jon............I've known you since I started working for DMS. Over those 21 years I have had numerous conversations with you on the phone, but only had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with you one time. What an exceptionally extraordinary man you are. I had no idea of your up bringing and other accomplishments. I am truly in awe ! If I would have know we could have talked for hours on end, but we had work to do and you were the best at getting it done.

Thank you Jon for being YOU. You are one of a kind and we will always remember you. as we smile through our tears.

Mary Ann Clark

January 22nd 2012

To Steve and Stefanie:

Jon spoke of Steve and Stefanie every day, in every conversation. He never failed to mention your latest achievements, be it acceptance to Berkeley's Graduate program, or an internship at G.E.

He was so proud of both of his children, that it was apparent there was nothing more important to him than his family.

He spoke with both of you with such reverence, that it was clear to all how important you were to your Dad. I just wanted you to know that.

I am sure you already do know this, Steve and Stefanie, but I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it while I have the chance. You were loved and doted on beyond measure.

LaVerne O'Neil
January 22nd 2012

I am thinking of Jackie Bass, his devoted care giver. Jon told me what a blessing it was to have Jackie there. I have seen first hand all that she did for Jon. Taking him to Ann Arbor and coming back the same day to care for his dog. Going down to visit him. There were so many tears that were shed for him. She had so much patience with him when trying to get him into the house. I'd have to say she was a saint. And his children and their devotion to him. He surely was loved by his family.

They spent as much time with him as they possibly could. Steve not leaving until his dad was gone. Poor little Stef having to leave with a breaking heart. I pray God bless his family that loved him so much.

Tim Scholz 1447 Campbell rd Waxahachie Tx 75167
January 21st 2012

Jon was a lifelong friend. He caught a lot of flak for his friendship with Scott I through our rebellious years in school but he never gave up on us. The only birthday card I ever got in high school was from Jon, he made it himself, with the help of his mom I'm sure. It was funny, thoughtful and personal and one of the few things I have kept over the years.

I never saw him after high school but we always stayed in touch with a call or two every year. The last time I talked to him was typical of our conversations over the years, he did not want me to worry about his condition, he was going to be fine. I was laid up from my motorcycle accident and was in a lot of pain, and I just kept thinking of how long Jon had been in pain and he never complained, he was worried about me. This time it was me that went off picking the daisy's and we had a good chuckle about that.

I am so thank full for his friendship over the years and look forward to riding the streets of heaven with him one day, and maybe even pick a few daisy's in a place with no pain..

Julie (Van Nortwick) Wilcox
January 20th 2012

Jon was a dear friend to me during my high school years in PNG, and like others have said, truly one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever known. I will never forget him!

My heartfelt sympathy to Jon's family. I know he will be greatly missed. May God comfort your hearts in knowing that he is no longer suffering and that one day soon there will be a joyous reunion in Heaven!

January 20th 2012

i remember when i started to work for dms and jon

helped us a great deal in getting me stone samples and

going the extra mile to make things work.he was one of the

best inside sales people i ever worked with.he will be

missed by many,and i will never forget him!

Jill and Joe Brock
January 20th 2012

As your Ukarumpa High School teachers, and also neighbors

we will always remember you, Jon, as one of "our kids." And there were a lot of you! You boys, in particular had a way of making your own fun and sometimes that meant living a bit on the edge....especially when there were motorbike races! You kids would fly over the tops of those hills behind where we finally built our house. You were truly one of the "good guys." You will be a part of our New Guinea memories. Thank you for your good life....

Scott MacDonald
January 19th 2012

I don’t remember a time growing up in PNG when Jon wasn’t my best friend. From the early days of grade school through to our graduation we usually sat together in class. That is until we made so much noise together that the teachers would separate us. I remember in grade school trying to get stuck out on the monkey bars when the herd of cows would wonder into the school yard. It was so much fun to sit up there on the bars and miss class cause it was “too dangerous” to run back inside. I remember when Jon, Tim Scholz and I made a pact to go swimming in the river every day for a year. Rain or shine, flooding or dry season. There were days when it was raining so hard we couldn’t see the river and would all stand around shivering before we jumped in. We shared so many good times growing up together. Motorcycles, camping, swimming, girls, school, sports - everything we did was together. One thing about Jon was he was always there and had a smile on his face. I have so many memories of Jon that it’s hard to think of anything I did without him being involved. Jon you will be missed.

There is a single daisy in the middle of the flower arrangement your classmates sent to your funeral. This is to signify all the times when we were riding motorcycles and you would miss a corner in the road and go careening off into the bushes and “pick daisies”

Jon, I was honored to be your best man in your wedding but more than that I’m honored to have been your friend. You were always there for me growing up. Through good times and especially through the bad times in my life you were always there. You never judged me during the darkest times but were just my friend. I always knew that no matter what I was doing or going through– you accepted me for who I was and were still my best friend. You never preached at me but did what Christ said to do and that was to “love others as I have loved you”. I saw the Lord in you even when I didn’t believe in Him. It’s because of friends like you that I get to see Jesus someday. You have touched so many people during your life. One day when we all get to heaven I know there will be a big crowd around you thanking you for being the reason they met the Lord. I will be first in line. Goodbye my best friend. Scott

Valerie Adams McMahan
January 19th 2012

Jon and I became friends in 1971 when my family moved to Ukarumpa to be the host family at the Naz Hostel. I remember Jon being very sweet and a bit shy, and always smiling. Jon was my date to a UHS banquet, he taught me to tune my Honda 100 and he was one of my many big brothers in PNG.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jon's family during this time.

Jon, mi lukim u long heven!

Tom and Deb Steffes
January 19th 2012

Jackie, Stefanie and Steve,

Our hearts are so sad with you . Jon was a wonderful example of what a Christian is. He never complained ,despite the pain and suffering. We counted him as a dear friend and will greatly miss him but look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. He is reaping his reward now. Jon we will dance with you when we all get to Heaven. Love, Tom and Deb

Lois Hooley Tharratt
January 19th 2012

Praying for you all today!

Jean Davis Archer
January 19th 2012

We are so sad to hear of Jon's passing. My heart goes out to you as you celebrate the life of Jon. He will be greatly missed but we rejoice that he is with his Lord and Savior perfectly healed and in no pain. May God give you comfort in the days ahead. Love and Prayers, Jean

Phil and Cookie Putney
January 19th 2012

Jon and his family have been such special friends to us over the years. We will always cherish our times together...the Bible studies, the picnics, family birthday parties, and just spending time together as friends. We will miss you Jon, but we are rejoicing with you that you are walking "streets of gold" without pain! Praise the Lord! Our prayers are with your dear family!!!! We love you all.

Joye Judy
January 19th 2012

I am smiling through my tears.. the smile is because Jonathon is finally pain free and with our heavenly Father.. the tears keep coming because now there is a huge hole in my life and I miss my brother like crazy.

Jocie (Collier) Meath
January 19th 2012

Words cannot express how I feel today, knowing we are holding a funeral for Jon tomorrow. That is just ridiculous. Jon.. in my mind you are larger than life. You always will be. Thanks for 2002/2003. Thanks for teaching me the whistle.. I will take a little walk tomorrow (20th Jan) and I will do the whistle properly, am sure with quite a few tears. We talked about how unfair it was that you were in the top of the USA and I was in the bottom of Australia so we had plans of meeting up one day in Hawaii... How ironic that now I live in haiti I am so close to your country but now you are living in heaven, so still we cant meet just yet. I never got to meet your children and Jackie, but I am so grateful for the love and support they gave you while you were so sick. I am looking at your photos and have poured over my old albums desperate to find photos of you.. they are rare, and I know why.. you never tried to take the limelight, you were always in the background just being the best friend everyone knew and loved. I cant remember a time in my childhood without you in it... and can I just goodness you were a handsome young man! Look how buff you were! I know you are dancing (with those size 14 feet of yours) and I know you are picking daisies with Jesus. (Only your friends from PNG will know that you were always taking corners so hard on your BSA (bits stuck allover) time and again you would be on your face in the kunai."Picking daisies again Jonno?" Thanks for the memories, thanks for your evident love of Christ, thanks for everything. Its never gonna be the same just knowing you are not around us anymore.

Love Coco.

Pat Kellogg
January 19th 2012

My deepest sympathy to you, Jon's family, in your sorrow. Jon and I started working at Boride Products in the early 80's about the same time, then later at Boride Engineered Abrasives. I'd left the area for a couple years, then returned to work at Trimet Industries, directly across from Mold & Die Technologies. Imagine the pleasant surprise to see my old friends from Boride so close--almost like working together again! I will miss you, my friend. May you rest in peace. My life has been made richer by knowing you.

Dan Lancaster
January 19th 2012

As my time at ukarumpa came to a close, one of my clearest memories is of the building of the motorcycle shed at the highschool. One of the chief achievments of the 1976 Student Council, it was only possible with the donated time and effort of student construction workers. As the leader of this project I came to know the dedication and work ethic of Jon Bass. After all the other volunteers had melted away, Jon alone remained to complete the project. Although I had known Jon for many years, I gained a new level of respect for him that day, as we worked together until the sun set. His cheerful giving heart has been my most enduring memory of Jon. He will be missed, but his example has infected many and will live on in the lives of those whom he touched.

Martin Irwin
January 18th 2012

So sad to see you go. Living across from you in Ukarumpa was so cool. I loved watching you drive up and down the driveway- reverse and forward- as you learnt to drive. And, knowing that you put the BSA motorbike together from parts was so cool!,


Pita Smit
January 18th 2012

I am a bit younger than Jon - but I have some memories of John from Ukarumpa. The best memory is of his perserverance in keeping a very old BSA motorbike running - and actually racing it with dogged determination against newer Japanese bikes in our scramble races. I recall him doing quite well on it.

It is dreadful to lose someone too soon, the events that they will miss with people left behind rubs raw for a long time after. I feel terribly sorry for Jon's family and particular Jackie his sister and his mother who lost Jon's father too soon as well.

I am sure Jon would have known this hymn - and this is what I thought of when I read other memories;

"I know who holds tomorrow";

Ev'ry step is getting brighter,As the golden stairs I climb;Ev'ry burden's getting lighter;Ev'ry cloud is silver lined.There the sun is always shining,There no tear will dim the eyes,At the ending of the rainbow,Where the mountains touch the sky.

Kathy Ackerman
January 18th 2012

Although very quiet around us I have always known Jon as a very kind and private man. His heart was full of love and Christ was the center of his life. We will look forward to seeing him again in eternity healthy and happy.

Karen Branagan
January 18th 2012

I don't know a time when I didn't know Jon - I was born and raised in PNG and since Jon came there as a toddler my life always included Jon. Ukarumpa was a small community so growing up together Jon was like a brother and Uncle Jack and Aunt Louise were like a real uncle and aunt to me. I spent many hours in their home and he in ours as our parents were best of friends. Just like brother and sister we played together, we laughed together and yes we fought together but we forgave each other and moved on. I have only seen Jon once since high schol graduation but we have written on and off over the years and I have always valued his friendship. Jon was truly a very caring and loving person, a man who loved God and his family. I will miss him - I always looked forward to his e-mails - it has been awhile since I had one but they always brightened my day. It was a connection with our past. He will be missed. But I know he is in heaven having a wonderful reunion with his daddy and with his precious Savior and I look forward to seeing him one day.

Barbara Calvary
January 18th 2012

Louise, even though I have never met your son, just knowing you tells me what a wonderful person he was.

My prayers are with you and your family and I am only a few feet away if you need anything.

God bless you and your family.


January 18th 2012

I had the great opportunity of working with Jon at Boride

Products, he was a great person to work with and had alot of compasion for his fellow workers . I am glad I got to know him,.

Thinking of his family at this time, God Bless.

Paul Crozier
January 18th 2012

I first met Jon in 1973, when I came to Ukarumpa to attend High School. My parents were missionaries in in the Eastern Highlands of PNG, and Ukarumpa was the only High School in the area. In 1980, Myself, Dave Skinner, Scott MacDonald & Christy( Fiance') had been invited to Jon' & Jackie's Wedding in Traverse City, so we drove up from Dallas. Was a really wonderful time there, even though Jon was very busy with organising wedding proceedings, he still spent time with us. A wonderful time to catch up with Aunt Louise and his family, Seeing the Fall was a very beautiful experience for me, having spent all my life in PNG, and in October, well, I remember thinking it was very cold. LOL ! What a pleasure to have met Jon and to see his family again! Klostu yumi olgeta bai bungim Yu wantaim Bikpela istap antap! Stap Isi Wantok! Lukim YU!

Ron & Berta Huisman
January 18th 2012

Louise & family,

Our hearts are grieving with you. But can you imagine what a wonderful reunion he is having right now with his father.

We know what losing a son is like and we will be praying for you Louise. But God is enough and he is faithful to see you through.

When a PNG kid dies before their (to our estimation) time it is like losing one of your own. We are such a family.

We love you all. Actually, I mailed a card to him the day after

he died.

Our love to you all,

Ron & Berta

Heinz and Helga Gfroerer
January 18th 2012

To us, Jon was not only a valued coworker and employee but a special friend that we have known for over 25 years. It was with the help of Jon, his diligent work, the talent in talking to and serving our customers that we together turned our company “Mold & Die Technology, Inc. what it is today – a thriving small business. His love for his position as branch manager endeared him to many of our customers and vendors alike. Numerous customers have responded through fax and emails, expressing their sympathy and condolences to Jon’s family and loved ones. He was a private man and a wonderful humanitarian. May you rest in peace dear friend and co-worker.

Heinz and Helga Gfroerer

Kylie Lake age 9 Traverse City
January 17th 2012

Hi my name is Kylie, I am 9y old. Jon always used to come in and visit me on Saturday's at Mancino's where my dad works. We would always play tic-tac-toe and our favorite color was poypule which is supposed to be purple, we always said it like that. I haven't seen Jon in some time and didn't know what happened, now I know hes with God. I'm still going to miss him very much.

Dave Nyman - Fort Wayne, IN
January 17th 2012

Heartfelt sympathy to all Jon's family. My relationship with Jon was "business" calls and emails for over 20 years. I regret we never met "in person". As all the Bass family knows, Jon was not a "small-mouth" bass. Jon and I shared family achievements and heartaches, and because Jon was so caring and sharing, I feel like I know ALL the Bass family, and he loved his family (AND Wrigley) beyond description. I have felt his loss since June when he called to let me know he was going to Ann Arbor. I feel blessed to have talked with him several times since. I miss him as if he had been my brother.

Karen (Dorland) Britton
January 17th 2012

My family and myself met Jon at the time he come to Traverse City in 1978. Jon had spent alot of time with myself and my family as we shared some great memories. My father to this day treasures the spears Jon carried all the way from New Guine for him. I know first hand what a great guy Jon was and am glad to see he has lead such a fulfilling life. We are all truly blessed to have known him.


Karen Britton and The entire Dorland Family

Gust Bassianotis
January 17th 2012

Enter into my Glory Good and Faithful Servent!

Jon, the times I visited with you and shared our lives was an experience that will always be with me. Aunt Ella and Uncle Arnold along with Cousin's Laura and Nonie came to greet you with Jesus when you entered the place on the other side. I will be always grateful for the assurance that I have that one day I will come to join you! Love Gust

Patrick Moon
January 16th 2012

I will certainly miss you, Jon. You were my "angra" (brother in Simbu tokples) and about the only person that could speak and understand my Pidgin. I always loved talking with you. Why na yu lusim mipela hariap, huh? Mi no save long plan bilong Bikpela, tasol, Em i save kisim yu bek na nau yu stap GUT OLGETA! I'm sure you're doing some PNG dances in heaven! Waipa gut apo!

Anita Young
January 16th 2012

Louise, Jackie, Steve and Stefanie, We are so sad to hear of Jon's passing. He was such a special friend of our family. We experienced personally his generosity, in so many ways. He was such a giving and compassionate man. And he has made such a difference in the lives of many. He always made it a point to make our kids, (and us) feel special. Remembering birthdays, and anniversary's, etc. The kids always loved talking with Jon, and he really connected with them. Our entire family is mourning with you- and keeping you all close in prayer.

Cory & Anita Young & Family

Bobby Jones
January 16th 2012

I met Jon at Ukarumpa High School in Papua New Guinea. We were in the same graduating class. I will always remember his humor! Jon lived with his parents at Ukarumpa and I lived in a hostel (dorm) and he always made sure he shared his birthday party with me since I was away from home. Jon always had a kind spirit about him. Jon, I will see you in Heaven someday my friend. Yu wantok tru bilong me!

Jonathan Bass